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Our Final Expense Plan is ideal for Canadians in Nova Scotia who are seen as complicated to insure by other life insurance companies. The protection offered by our Final Expense plan does not require medical exams or visits from doctors or agents to obtain coverage. You can do the entire process, from learning about the plan to getting a free quote to purchasing your coverage, all from the comfort of your home through our stress-free and straightforward application process.

The leading reasons why our Final Expense plan is the best option in Nova Scotia:

Coverage amounts up to $50,000 with no medical exams required.
Tax-free benefits are paid directly to your beneficiaries.
Premiums and coverage are guaranteed for the life of your policy.
Your policy does not expire, and it cannot be cancelled before age 100 without your approval.
Available up to age 74 to all
Nova Scotia residents.
Your policy does not expire, and it cannot be cancelled before age 100 without your approval.

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Our application process is so efficient and straightforward that you can get coverage almost instantly.

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There are no long waiting periods or tons of paperwork to complete. From the online application to final approval, the entire process can be done the same day.

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No Needles

Our Final Expense Plan does not require medical exams, blood tests, or doctor visits at any point of the application.

About Us

About Us

We are a part of Specialty Life Insurance and provide our reliable Final Expense plan to residents of Nova Scotia looking for a simple way to provide financial security for their loved ones. Our goal is to provide Canadians with budget-friendly plans tailored to their needs through our easy process.

If you are interested in learning more about our Final Expense Plan or if you would like a free no-obligation quote, please complete our short free quote form now!

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