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Advisor Web Portal

We have a dedicated website for our advisors that provides all the necessary information and resources for Specialty Life Insurance. On our corporate website, you can find more information about all of Specialty Life Insurance’s plan options and their details. As a leader in the simplified and guaranteed issue life insurance market, Specialty Life Insurance has a range of easy eligibility plans that you can offer clients from all walks of life.

Our site also provides our advisors with our Quick Quote and eApplication tools. Quick Quote will help you give your clients fast and accurate quotes for each of our plans with full clear breakdowns of monthly and yearly premium prices. eApplication is our all-in-one application and appointment management software. With eApplication you can digitally manage all of your client appointments and complete applications without the need of paperwork.

Advisors can also find helpful resources on our advisor website. Under the resources tab, you can find a variety of resource materials:

  • Plan applications in both PDF and fillable PDF forms.
  • Sample policies.
  • Administrative forms for all instances, including – change of ownership, claims process, and more.
  • Product, underwriting, and rate guides.
  • Various marketing materials.

Finally, we also provide all of our sales team contact information on our site so our advisors always have the contact information they need in the event they need to reach us. Our sales team is divided into three regions across our nation – Eastern, Central, and Western Canada. We also provide important contact information for our underwriting, new business, and contracting departments.

We also provide a general contact form if you have any questions and are unsure who to reach to for an answer.

If you are one of our advisors looking for updates and details about Specialty Life Insurance and its products, please click the link below.

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