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Final Needs Planning

Not everyone feels the need to plan for their final needs, but everyone’s families can benefit from the foresight and consideration of costs that can and will arise when we die. Final needs planning is an essential part in leaving behind a legacy for your loved ones. By creating a plan today, you guarantee that your legacy and your family’s security are protected for years to come.
The Final Expense Plan by Specialty Life is an essential tool in any final needs plan, providing guaranteed protection for Canadians. Getting started is simple: just use our free quote form above to get started.

Key Benefits

Guaranteed Acceptance

You cannot be denied coverage under the Final Expense Plan as long as you are a Canadian citizen between the ages of 18-80 who have not been diagnosed by a physician as having a terminal condition with a life expectancy of 24 months or less.

No Medical Exams Ever

No matter the current or past health issues, you will still be eligible for coverage.

Instant Issue

When you apply online, you get approved for up to $50,000** on the spot: no long waiting periods, just instant approval.

Locked-in rates

Your rate is locked in at the start of the policy and guaranteed to never increase.

Tax-free Benefits

The plan’s benefit is entirely tax-free and goes directly to the people you trust most.

15-day Review Period

Take 15 days to see if the plan works for you. If not, let us know and get a full refund.

What our clients are saying

Why do I need the Final Expense Plan?

Does life insurance fit into your final needs plan? Find out why it matters.
The decision to buy life insurance is often a personal one, and not one most people always feel comfortable discussing. Nonetheless, life insurance remains a useful tool to help your family manage your end-of-life costs – something that is extraordinarily difficult when dealing with a death in the family.

The Final Expense plan is paid tax-free, directly to whomever you choose. That way, you can ensure that every dollar of what you set aside is going where it can help the most.

Cover your final bills, funeral expenses, and other costs that arise following a death, so your loved ones don’t have to worry about them. Give yourself of mind and ensure that your affairs taken care of and your family’s financial future is safeguarded.

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