Canadian Provinces

We work across Canada helping Canadians discover their coverage options. Through our unique application process, getting our final expense plan couldn't be easier. There are no medical exams, no paperwork to complete, and no face-to-face meetings with agents. You can apply for and purchase your coverage right from home using our simple online application. See how we are helping Canadians across the nation get the coverage they need at a comfortable price now. Simply click on a province name below to get more information about how our final expense plan works and the benefits it offers to Canadians. Our plan provides a simple way to ensure your final needs are taken care of and protects the financial futures of the people who matter most.

Alberta - Final Expense Plan British Columbia - Final Expense Plan Manitoba - Final Expense Plan New Brunswick - Final Expense Plan Newfoundland and Labrador - Final Expense Plan Nova Scotia - Final Expense Plan Ontario - Final Expense Plan Prince Edward Island - Final Expense Plan Saskatchewan - Final Expense Plan